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What We Do

Committees & Groups of the Church

  • Worship
  • Board of Deacons
  • Christian Education
  • Fellowship
  • Outreach & Nurture
  • Building
  • World & Community Services
  • Prayer Ministries
  • Presbyterian Women's Association

We are a family of faith, united by our faith in Jesus Christ. We have served our community for over 50 years. Our mission is to be a witness to the hope and love that we have been shown by God through our worship, fellowship and service to the church and the world.

In order to continue providing Christian education, fellowship and guidance to our youth and children, volunteers are needed to step up and give a couple hours each month. With enough adults (parents – it’s important for you to help), our ministry to the kids will be strengthened and we will be keeping the covenant that we made when they were baptized – to love and nurture them in the way of Jesus Christ, creating disciples. Please pray about serving God by loving God’s children.   

We support:

  • God's mission to save the world
  • Christian Education for all ages
  • Fellowship among believers
  • West Hempfield Elementary School
  • Westmoreland Food Bank
  • A school mission in Haiti
  • West Hempfield Preschool
  • Redstone Presbytery
  • Pine Springs Camp


Children & Youth

News & Events


8 West Hempfield Drive

Irwin, Pa 15642


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 1:00PM            

February Worship

Feb. 3rd - 10:00AM Congregational meeting

Feb. 10th - 8:30 & 11AM

Feb, 17th - 8:30 & 11AM

Feb. 24th - 8:30 & 11AM 

Who We Are

To find out what's going on at the church, please click the button below. We also publish a monthly newsletter. If there is an important announcement, such as a cancellation because of inclement weather, we use an automated phone system.

Monday's - Dart Ball, 7pm call office for schedule

Tuesday's - 1st Tuesday PWA - 10AM

2nd Tuesday - Deacon's Meeting 6:30pm & NAMI 7pm   

3rd Tuesday - Confirmation Class, 7pm

4th Tuesday -  PWA - 1:00pm,

Session Meeting - 6:30pm 

Wednesday's -  Senior Cards 11:30-2:30pm,

2nd & 4th Food2Go4Kids - 6:30pm

3rd Wed - Christian Ed Meeting

Every Wed - Choir 6:00PM & Men's Group 7:00PM

Thursday's - 2nd & 4th Scouts 6pm


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