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Monday's - Dart Ball, 7pm call office for schedule

Tuesday's - 1st Tuesday PWA - 10AM

2nd Tuesday - Deacon's Meeting 6:30pm & NAMI 7pm   

3rd Tuesday - Confirmation Class, 7pm

4th Tuesday -  PWA - 1:00pm,

Session Meeting - 6:30pm 

Wednesday's -  Senior Cards 11:30-2:30pm,

2nd & 4th Food2Go4Kids - 6:30pm

3rd Wed - Christian Ed Meeting

Every Wed - Choir 6:00PM

Thursday's - 2nd & 4th Scouts 6pm


In order to continue providing Christian education, fellowship and guidance to our youth and children, volunteers are needed to step up and give a couple hours each month. With enough adults (parents – it’s important for you to help), our ministry to the kids will be strengthened and we will be keeping the covenant that we made when they were baptized – to love and nurture them in the way of Jesus Christ, creating disciples. Please pray about serving God by loving God’s children.   

News & Events


We support:

  • God's mission to save the world
  • Christian Education for all ages
  • Fellowship among believers
  • West Hempfield Elementary School
  • Westmoreland Food Bank
  • A school mission in Haiti
  • West Hempfield Preschool
  • Redstone Presbytery
  • Pine Springs Camp

Committees & Groups of the Church

  • Worship
  • Board of Deacons
  • Christian Education
  • Fellowship
  • Outreach & Nurture
  • Building
  • World & Community Services
  • Prayer Ministries
  • Presbyterian Women's Association

We are a family of faith, united by our faith in Jesus Christ. We have served our community for over 50 years. Our mission is to be a witness to the hope and love that we have been shown by God through our worship, fellowship and service to the church and the world.

Children & Youth

To find out what's going on at the church, please click the button below. We also publish a monthly newsletter. If there is an important announcement, such as a cancellation because of inclement weather, we use an automated phone system.

Who We Are

​​​8 West Hempfield Drive

Irwin, Pa 15642


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 1:00PM            


11/4 -   8:30 & 11AM Worship

11/11 - 8:30 & 11am Worship, baptism @ 11, COFFEE HOUR


11/25 - 8:30 & 11AM Worship, Decorate for Chirsmtas after worship

What We Do

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